About tyomoth

Well hello, there. My name is Ty and I
survive in La Crosse, Wisconsin as a radio advertising
copywriter. I’m not really a fan of the winters but I sidle
up to the hot stove to keep me warm until the boys start
stretching out in Florida and Arizona. La Crosse is also home
to a Northwoods League team called the La Crosse Loggers, so
I get a healthy dose of live action throughout June and July.
My team loyalty in the majors goes to the Minnesota Twins,
but I consider myself a fan of baseball above and beyond all.
As Annie Savoy tells us in Bull Durham, “The only church that
truly feeds the soul day in and day out, is the church of


Baseball, fine beer, literature (especially
baseball fiction and Arthurian fiction), film, and…so help
me, karaoke.