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Sayonara Ayala!

If you wait, beg, plead, and hope long enough, you may just get what you wish for. The Twins bullpen has been a nightmare this season. Crain simply couldn’t command all of his pitches and was giving up dingers left and right until the organization sent him down for some retooling. Ayala has been nearly as bad. I have been begging Ron Gardenhire, Bill Smith, and the Twins powers that be to admit that this guy just wasn’t cutting it and give someone else a shot. Okay, I was really just begging to my television, but you get the point. Finally, they made the move.

Ayala has been designated for assignment and Bobby Keppel gets the call. Keppel’s numbers look good in triple-A (3-3, 2.43). Will that translate into the majors? Who knows? What I do know is that he’s not likely to do worse than Ayala was doing and sometimes the unknown really is better than the known. I usually have a lot of faith in Twins brass, but sometimes I fear that they have trouble swallowing their pride when they’ve been smitten by a newly signed free agent or a regular who they believe is back on track. In this case, I’m just happy to see a move made. Better late than never.