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My All-Metrodome Team

Okay, okay. I know. I said I’d be a little more off the beaten path, but I’m still warming up! I’m sure every Twins blogger wants to take a crack at his or her own All-Metrodome team at some point. Without having dug in too far just yet, I can’t help but to think that it will be a fairly easy selection. Here we go.

Starting Pitchers:

Johan Santana – How many Cy Young winners have we really had?
Bert Blyleven – Put him in the Hall already!
Frank Viola – One of our all-time greats. You had to love Frankie-V.
Brad Radke – He was a rock for the team for many of the Dome’s years.
Jack Morris – Yeah, that’s right. I’ll add him in just for that one game if nothing else.


Rick Aguilera – I was ready to type Joe Nathan until I really looked at Agi’s stats. He
                      was a great closer for almost a decade in the Dome! Why don’t I remember
                      him better? Oh yeah, it was the 90’s.


Joe Mauer – Two batting titles and stellar defense. Enough said.

First Base

Kent Hrbek – More homers and rbi than any other Twin during the Metrodome era. I think
                   Morneau is a better player and will have better career stats at some point, but
                   he’s not there yet.

Second Base

Chuck Knoblauch – Played in the 1991 Series and was solid, if a bit arrogant.

Third Base

Gary Gaetti – This one’s not even close. He was a stud at third for 9 years.


Greg Gagne – Guzman had potential, but Gags was at short for both World Series. Just a
                    solid, solid player.

Left Field

Dan Gladden – Maybe not the most spectacular player, but a gritty spark plug for both of
                      the World Series teams.

Center Field

Kirby Puckett – Greatest Twin of all time. Period.

Right Field

Tom Brunansky – I remember where I was the day he was traded. Tommy Herr? Nooooo!


Tom Kelly – I love Gardy, but 2 rings, baby. You have to give it to TK.

There you have it. Let me know if I’ve missed the boat on any in your opinion!