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Pitching Panic Button? Not Yet.

Last season’s success was fun. It was especially fun to see our staff of relative unknowns take the mound and blow away everyone’s expectations. So, as we geared ourselves up for this year, we had to wonder, “Can they do it again?” Liriano should be back to his awesome self. Baker? He’s a rock. It’s those other guys who still need to prove themselves.

Wait a second…

Baker is getting shelled after his comeback from injury? Liriano is getting lit up more often that birthday cakes at Chucky Cheese. Easily the most reliable guy the Twins have had on the mound is Glen Perkins. So is it time to hit the panic button? I don’t think so. First of all, I have faith in Rick Anderson. He seems to have a good eye for what his guys are doing wrong and helping them get back on track. But, with that being said, perhaps Baker should take a short stint at Rochester to get his mechanics back in order. R. A. Dickey could step in for a spot start or two in the meantime.

Our guys are only two games out of first place with an inter-divisional matchup coming up, so there’s no need to panic yet. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a Twins fan it that Gardy and his staff know what they’re doing. They find a way to keep our boys in it. Just watch.